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Grab a piece of inspiration from various pop-up shops brought to you especially for offftlv - top selected designers & shops in special prices and very special treasures.


I’m Adi Ayali, also known as just Ayali. I’m a visual artist and designer with a long list of thoughts, ideas and things that I want to do which will probably never end. Whatever project I’m working on, I’m always thinking about what I want to say and how to make it fun, interesting and spicy.

ELLI is a textile design studio specialises in hand embroidery using varied materias- Textile, paper and metal.
Designed & Made in Tel Aviv.


Gelada is an illustration, design, production, and culture collaboration studio, based in Tel Aviv.


We create our own tees, prints & other paraphernalia, designing them as souvenirs from destinations around the globe & themes that inspire us.