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By Zetafonts with Andrea Tartarelli and Mario de Libero

Andrea Tartarelli and Mario de Libero are type designers for Zetafonts foundry.
They have worked on tens of foundry families, creating both flexible workhorse fonts for text and beautiful expressive typefaces for display use. Andrea’s style blends the rigor of modern and old-style letterforms with the expressivity of penmanship and calligraphy, as demonstrated by his Calvino - an honorable mention by TDC Tokyo 2020; Mario’s work is based on a killer mix between vintage typography revivals and extreme visual innovations, as shown in Swanstone - honorable mention by DNA Paris 2022.

Who is it for?

Visual designers from all backgrounds interested in branding and eager to improve their knowledge of typography.

What to expect?

The Latin letters drawn on paper by the participants will be digitized live and you will be guided to understand common mistakes and misunderstandings.

For all participants, typographic gadgets by Zetafonts.

What to bring?

No special materials are required but feel free to bring your favorite work tools with you (e.g. computer or brushes)


Up to 40

Monday 19 Sep 09:00

up to 4 hours


What will you learn

01/  Draw letters with two expert type designers, who will explain to you how Latin shapes originated historically and how serif fonts have evolved over time.

02/  Learn the difference between a boring transitional and an exciting contemporary liquid serif.

03/   Practice directly from the same stone carving that inspired classics like Optima and create your own interpretation of the next most-wanted serif style font.


Workshop tickets are available to everyone and not just official ticket holders. Notice: a workshop ticket allows entrance only to the workshop and not to the main halls (if you don't have an official ticket)

Workshop pass


+vat (77nis)

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