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Vincent's TOP 10 things in C4D

By Vincent Schwenk

Vincent Schwenk is a 3D-Artist who has expanded his visual skills into multidisciplinary fields, from designing album sleeves, to creating corporate branding projects, as well as conference identities and digital art. After graduating with his BFA in Graphic Design from FH Augsburg he started his freelance career in art and design and acts as a director, motion designer, corporate partner and a teacher. His work plays with physical irregularities: Futuristic, candy-colored constructions, which in their artificiality possess a strong organic energy, expand their bodies through abstract spaces and fuses into fluid sculptures and installations.


Who is it for?

The workshop is for every artist who is interested in 3D. The main focus of the workshop is Cinema 4D, but I will also talk a bit about rendering in Redshift. But due to hardware limitation this will only play a side roll. If you have never opened C4D
before, I wouldn’t recommend this class, you should at least have a basic level of expertise.

What to expect?

In this workshop you will learn lots of different things, we are not purely talking about C4D but also about design, animation, simulation, rendering and about how to be an artist.

What to bring?

You just need a laptop with C4D. If it can run Redshift that would be great, but it is not mandatory.


Up to 20

Monday 19 Sep 09:00

up to 4 hours

What will you learn

The workshop will be splited in three different parts:


01/ A lecture where you can lay back and listen to some general information in design, animation, 3D in general and how to be a 3D artist.


02/ For the second part, I will show you some of my favorite tips and tricks in C4D. Together we will recreate some of them, so that you have little assets and scenes which are perfect to use in your daily work. And if there are some problems I can help each one of you.


03/ The last part of the workshop is a Q&A where I can answer your questions. This could be an interesting conversation about general or very specific questions.


Workshop tickets are available to everyone and not just official ticket holders. Notice: a workshop ticket allows entrance only to the workshop and not to the main halls (if you don't have an official ticket)


Workshop pass


+vat (113nis)

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