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Geometry in Motion

By illo

illo is a design studio with a focus on motion design, illustration and art direction. Lead by the creative duo Ilenia Notarangelo and Luca Gonnelli, the studio aims for a minimal and colorful aesthetic - and clear storytelling. With an international team of 15, illo has worked for both innovative startups and big brands like Google, Facebook, Apple, Bloomberg, Snapchat and many more.


Who is it for?

This is a workshop mainly for people who want to approach motion design for the first time

— e.g. illustrators who want to know how to animate their beautiful abstract work! But advanced motion designers who want to challenge themself by creating animations with very strict constraints (and want to learn a bit of expression) are welcome too.

What to expect?

Ilenia and Luca, founders of illo, and team will introduce you to the main parameters of After Effects: position, rotation and scale, and will teach you how to create an abstract design and animate it with the perfect easing and loop. For those of you who want to increase the difficulty of the workshop, we’ll have an introduction on the the world of expressions.

What to bring?

Your personal computer with Adobe After Effects (version 2021 - 18.4.1 or more) and Adobe
Media Encoder (version 2021 - 15.4.1 or more) are already installed.


Up to 20

Sunday 18 Sep 09:00

up to 4 hours


What will you learn

01/ Create beautiful geometric compositions with just a few elements directly in AE

02/ Learn to master the 3 essential transformation properties, thanks to easings

03/ Work with creative and time constraints

04/ For advanced users: switch from keyframes to expression (introduction)


Workshop tickets are available to everyone and not just official ticket holders. Notice: a workshop ticket allows entrance only to the workshop and not to the main halls (if you don't have an official ticket)


Workshop pass


+vat (113nis)

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