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Creative Process Management For Product Design Team

By Triggers

Triggers is a brand dedicated to developing tools and methodologies for modern teamwork. Its most well-known product is the Ideation Cards. It consists of a set of cards with “what if” questions designed to spark ideas in workshops and creative sessions. You can use them when working alone, with your team and with your clients. They have also developed tools for reflecting, energizing teams and designing your own workshops and processes.


Who is it for?

The session will be useful for design & creative directors, team & project managers, product owners, and creatives/designers interested in facilitating workshops and sessions. If you are coming to OFFF with your team, this might be a great opportunity to get involved several of your colleagues in the workshop. It will be a great session to create a common language and understanding of your own processes and ways of thinking.

What to expect?

The session will be hands-on. You will get theory and will also work on practical cases, making the workshop dynamic and fast-paced. The focus will be on the process and team dynamics. All participants will gain advanced knowledge on how to manage teams and processes.

What to bring?

All materials will be provided.

Some extra (but in any case mandatory) materials will be available for purchase after these  workshop.


Up to 40

Sunday 18 Sep 09:00

up to 4 hours


What will you learn

01/  A solid system to organize, plan, execute and lead projects.

02/  Tools and methods to detect and solve team frictions.

03/   Resources to speed up projects, understand the blocks and keep a general overview of the process.

04/   How to apply this framework to your own projects and how to combine it with others methodologies like Design Sprint, Design Thinking and Agile.v


Workshop tickets are available to everyone and not just official ticket holders. Notice: a workshop ticket allows entrance only to the workshop and not to the main halls (if you don't have an official ticket)


Workshop pass


+vat (77nis)

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