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OFFF was born in Barcelona, Spain, 21 years ago- to connect talents, share creativity and inspire ideas. Today it is one of the most esteemed international festivals, that focuses on the global development of visual design and innovation. OFFF is a series of conferences, workshops, performances and activities- but most of all, it is a meeting point for collaborators and a hub for cultural commotion, where creators and emerging talent join forces, motivate each other and share interests.

Tel Aviv is a global center of innovation, maintaining a constant dialog between ingenuity and creativity. Local creators operate in an ever-growing field, while blurring boundaries between tech and design, allowing creativity, ambition, skills and education to develop to their highest potential. On a larger scale, there is a thirst for knowledge beyond the local scene that establishes Israeli designers as worldwide leaders in their fields.



  • What is OFFF TLV?
    OFFF TLV is a visual design festival, and a part of the OFFF series of conferences founded originally in Barcelona in 2001. This is the 4th year of OFFF TLV, held in Tel Aviv- a city known for design & innovation. At OFFF TLV you can enjoy two days of a hand-picked line-up of lectures, workshops, performances and activities. But most of all, it is a meeting point for collaborators and a real cultural community- where creators, students, and emerging talent join to get inspired and share new interests.
  • Who is the festival for?
    OFFF TLV is a design celebration event. We attract all kinds of creative people: designers, animators, illustrators, design fans and many more. Our audiences come from around the world, from various industries, including startups, gaming, branding, UX, UI, interactive design, animation, post-production, advertising, photography, 3D, illustration and broadcast. If that sounds like you, then you should definitely join us!
  • What's included in the ticket?
    Your ticket includes 2 full days of inspiration, creativity and growth. You’ll hear lectures by the global design industry’s top creatives, which take place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s two main halls. You will also have access to the relaxing chill-out zone in the garden, as well as the cool artists’ market, and of course- you can network with other festival attendants, design studios, speakers and meet plenty of interesting people. Another bonus? You’ll receive a bag full of goodies at the registration stand- something to remember us by!
  • What about drinks and food?
    You can enjoy a great cup of coffee or even a pint of beer at our stands. As for food- you can find both snacks as well as bigger lunch options at our chill-out zone, at fair prices. There are always vegan options too! (Did you know that Israel is the most vegan-friendly country in the world?) OFFF TLV tip: Want to go out to eat near the museum? There are plenty of nearby cafes, bakeries, and restaurants just a 5-minute walk away, on streets such as Ibn Gvirol and Weizmann.
  • Will there be any workshops? Do they cost money?
    Of course there will be workshops! :) Workshops take place in parallel to the talks in the two halls. Take a look at the festival schedule to find out which talks you might miss by attending a workshop. Please plan your time wisely, and make sure you get to the workshop room before it begins. Only those registered to attend OFFF TLV may purchase workshop tickets. If you already have an OFFF ticket, please contact us at to purchase the addition of the workshop for 375 NIS. If you don’t have an OFFF TLV ticket yet, you can purchase an integrated ticket that includes both the regular 2 day pass to the festival + an entrance to the workshop of your choice, which you pick during the purchase of your ticket.
  • I'm pretty shy, how can I meet new people and do some networking?
    Don’t worry! :) Just hang around the chill-out zone, Tel-Avivians are usually very friendly and easy to talk to. Some might even approach you first! Remember that you are around many creative and passionate people, and all of us at the festival have something in common.
  • How do I get the latest news about OFFF TLV?
    You can follow us on social media for our latest news and announcements: OFFFTLV Instagram OFFFTLV Facebook OFFFTLV Linkedin and you can also subscribe to our Newsletter! Once you're here, don’t forget to add the hashtag #OFFFTLV22 to your stories and posts. We can't wait to see what you'll share!
  • Where will the OFFF TLV festival take place?
    Both lecture halls are located at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which is on Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo. See map. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is Israel’s largest art museum. It was opened in 1932, before the state of Israel was even established! The museum has a great collection of work by both Israeli and international artists, showcased in an incredible building. The conference is an amazing opportunity to visit this beautiful venue and its wonderful exhibitions. OFFF TLV tip: Where’s the best place to meet up with friends? Make sure you check out our chill-out zone to connect with new people, and talk over some coffee or a beer!
  • What else should I know about Tel Aviv?
    Tel Aviv is the best place for combining business and pleasure. Over the years, the city has evolved into one of the world's leading hubs for technology, innovation and design. Tel Aviv is also known as a non-stop location for nightlife, parties, concerts, food, and culture. What's more- we’re the number one vegan city of the world! So you'll be able find the most delicious and fresh hummus everywhere, of course :) OFFF TLV tip: Make sure to have another day or two during your stay, to visit the Old City of Jaffa, browse the Carmel Market, taste some incredible cuisine, and just explore the area. Don't forget to make some time for the beach too!
  • I'm not from Tel Aviv, where should I stay?
    It’s easy to find accommodation for every budget in Tel Aviv- from hostels for a few dollars a night to the most luxurious hotels. We recommend using or to find the most appropriate place for you.
  • What is the best way to get around the city?
    You can take buses, walk by foot, as well as catch a cab (using the Gett app). Tel Aviv is also very bike-friendly! You can easily find a bike or an electric scooter for rent (with the Lime or Bird apps) every 500 meters, and ride all over the city using the appropriate bike lanes.
  • Where can I find the festival lineup?
    During the upcoming months prior to the festival, we will be gradually announcing the speakers on social media (make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram). The full line-up & schedule will be announced during the summer months. Stay tuned! > See our speakers page
  • Do the lectures in the two halls run at the same time?
    Yes, there are two halls that host two talks, simultaneously. We also screen the talk from the main hall in the chill-out zone, for anyone who prefers to stay outside in the sun :) We do provide a printed schedule at the entrance to the festival, detailing all the times and places of each lecture or event. However, we also recommend checking out the lineup on the OFFF TLV website BEFORE arriving to the festival, and making a plan of which lectures you’d like to see in advance. It will save you some time, and this way you can also get to the hall a bit earlier and catch a good seat!
  • Are the talks and workshops in English?
    OFFF TLV is an international festival, and so all talks, workshops and other events are indeed in English.
  • Are there allocated seats in the halls?
    OFFF TLV is a festival with many areas of interest, and attendees are encouraged to wander around in between the lectures and discover the Fun Zone, the artists’ market, the food booths, and other fun activities around the museum. As such, we do not allow spot-saving for the lectures, and seats in the halls are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to be sure you don’t miss the talk by your favorite designer, please remember to get to the hall a few minutes earlier :)
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